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Friends don't let
friends eat kibble.

Our food is a fresh-cooked rice bowl for dogs. 🐕
Find us in your local pet store!

Ingredients from
the grocery store

You shouldn't have to wonder what's in your dog's food. We use all human-grade ingredients.

Pet health
over profits

Our recipes are designed by a PhD vet nutritionist, and tested in a lab. No shortcuts.

Local delivery, easy-feed containers

We deliver your dog's food in
resealable containers, at the
time you choose.

☠️ A 2015 study found that

100% of kibbles have Glyphosate, a known carcinogen

Your dog's food should be safe and nutritious.

You can cook your dog's food yourself, but getting it right is hard. In one study, 83% of home-cooked dog food recipes were found to have multiple nutritional deficiencies. That's where we come in!

Our food is:

  • Hand-cooked in San Diego, using the same ingredients you and I buy at the store.
  • Designed by a PhD vet nutritionist.
  • Lab-tested to guarantee that it exceeds AAFCO nutrition standards.
  • Flash-frozen to lock in nutrition.
  • Delivered anywhere in San Diego & OC.

Love from dogs & their humans

Her fur is so soft and shiny after eating your food, and she doesn't even shed anymore! Strangers sometimes ask what I feed her.

Julia G.

You have ruined our dog and now she is basically spoiled, LOL. She loves it! She gets upset when we run out and only have kibble.

Nick P.

Our dog is a super-picky eater, but he's obsessed with your food. You should hear the sound he makes when I take it out of the fridge.

Danica B.

Get yourself a discount, and them some fresh food.

Help a shelter dog.


Questions and Answers

  • Why should I feed my dog fresh food?

    Kibble and other heavily-processed pet foods are made to meet minimum quality standards set by US regulations. They're full of fillers, preservatives and mystery ingredients that are either bad for your dog, or have unknown consequences for their health. Our fresh food diets, on the other hand, are made with natural, USDA whole foods. Within 2 weeks of starting a whole food diet, your dog is likely to have a healthier coat, a glint in their eye, and fewer digestive problems. Our recipes meet or exceed all AAFCO nutritional standards, so in the long run your dog is likely to have fewer health problems. And they're much tastier than kibble, so you'll have a happier best friend!

  • What ingredients are in your food?

    We only use USDA whole foods that you can buy at a regular supermarket, and vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplements formulated especially for dogs and added to ensure that our recipes are fully complete and balanced.


    For details about what ingredients each of our recipes uses, please click on the recipe through our menu.

  • How should I store the food?

    Your dog's food will arrive frozen on your chosen delivery date/time slot. The frozen packages can be stored in the freezer, and defrosted in the refrigerator before use. We don't use preservatives, so please use any defrosted food within 4 days.

  • How much should I feed my dog?

    Each package contains about 12.5 ounces of food. We recommend feeding approximately 1 package per 20lbs of body weight, per day. So if your dog weighs 12lbs, feed about 1/2 package per day. If they weigh 90lbs (that's a huge best friend you've got!), feed 4 to 5 packages. Every dog's metabolism is a bit different. We recommend adjusting from this starting point based on weight gain/loss, as-needed.

  • How do delivery windows work? Do I have to be home?

    At checkout, you'll be asked to choose a delivery date and several-hour time window. If you aren't home to accept the delivery, we will leave your delivery at your door. Please be sure to retrieve it within an hour or two, to prevent any package from spoiling. 

  • Can I set up a recurring delivery?

    Yes! Many of our customers choose to feed their dogs fresh food full-time, and have orders delivered weekly or monthly. You will have the option to set up this kind of recurring delivery when adding a product to your cart.