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About Us

(Sasha, Ilya and their dog Lluvia)

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When Lluvia, our Great Dane mix, first looked into our eyes on the streets of Bogota, Colombia, we knew we had to adopt her. Her bright personality captured our hearts, and we went on a wild journey to adopt her and bring her home to Southern California.

But when we got back, a new journey began. Lluvia wouldn't eat kibble. She was also scared, malnourished, and had a dry, brittle coat with lots of patches missing. With advice (and some medicines) from our vet and some ingredients from the local grocery store, we set to work to turn her health around. Within a few weeks, she was glowing! Our once sickly street pup had tons of energy, a full, shiny coat with almost no shedding, and a happy glint in her eye.

The change was profound. After some time as busy teachers and workers, we needed to find a way to have Lluvia's fresh-cooked food prepared for us by someone else. We explored every fresh food brand on the dog market to feed Lluvia. But none of them were local, and everything felt as mass-produced as the "big box pet store" brands.

Confident that we could do better, we started SoCal Dog Kitchen to help other dog owners feed their dogs nourishing, fresh-cooked food that didn't come from some mysterious factory in the middle of the country. We consulted with PhD vet nutritionists, veterinarians, and a food testing lab to refine our formulas. Picky Lluvia was our (extremely willing) taste-tester, and during our updates we always kept nourishment and tastiness as top priorities. The end result is freshly-made whole food that we love feeding Lluvia. We hope you and your dogs enjoy it as much as we do!

Successful taste-test ends with excessive bowl-licking:


About SoCal Dog Kitchen

At Southern California Dog Kitchen, our values are to be local, which always means our food is freshly cooked in small batches, use whole foods and minimally processed ingredients (you see the actual food in your dog's food!), source USDA-grade vegetables and meats (as opposed to 4D remnant meats), and to build community with our dog families. We deliver our food by hand, never by mail where food can spoil or be damaged. We schedule each delivery for a specific time, so you know exactly when your dog's food will arrive. Taking care of your best friend is a lot of work, and we're happy to make it easier and happier for you both. If you can think of any ways that we can do that better, please send us a message!

Since starting this journey, we've heard incredible stories from our customer family about their dogs and our food. You may have noticed that fresh dog food companies are popping up all over the place-- there's a revolution happening in the pet food industry. We're excited to be part of it, and to offer people a way to feed their dogs great food that is made in their own community!


Questions and Answers

  • Why should I feed my dog fresh food?

    Kibble and other heavily-processed pet foods are made to meet minimum quality standards set by US regulations. They're full of fillers, preservatives and mystery ingredients that are either bad for your dog, or have unknown consequences for their health. Our fresh food diets, on the other hand, are made with natural, USDA whole foods. Within 2 weeks of starting a whole food diet, your dog is likely to have a healthier coat, a glint in their eye, and fewer digestive problems. Our recipes meet or exceed all AAFCO nutritional standards, so in the long run your dog is likely to have fewer health problems. And they're much tastier than kibble, so you'll have a happier best friend!

  • What ingredients are in your food?

    We only use USDA whole foods that you can buy at a regular supermarket, and vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplements formulated especially for dogs and added to ensure that our recipes are fully complete and balanced.


    For details about what ingredients each of our recipes uses, please click on the recipe through our menu.

  • How much should I feed my dog

    Each package contains about 12.5 ounces of food. We recommend feeding approximately 1 package per 20lbs of body weight, per day. So if your dog weighs 12lbs, feed about 1/2 package per day. If they weigh 90lbs (that's a huge best friend you've got!), feed 4 to 5 packages. Every dog's metabolism is a bit different. We recommend adjusting from this starting point based on weight gain/loss, as-needed.

  • How should I store the food?

    Your dog's food will arrive frozen on your chosen delivery date/time slot. The frozen packages can be stored in the freezer, and defrosted in the refrigerator before use. We don't use preservatives, so please use any defrosted food within 4 days.

  • How do delivery windows work? Do I have to be home?

    At checkout, you'll be asked to choose a delivery date and several-hour time window. If you aren't home to accept the delivery, we will leave your delivery at your door. Please be sure to retrieve it within an hour or two, to prevent any package from spoiling. 

  • Can I set up a recurring delivery?

    Yes! Many of our customers choose to feed their dogs fresh food full-time, and have orders delivered weekly or monthly. You will have the option to set up this kind of recurring delivery when adding a product to your cart.

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