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My dog is , and has an ideal weight of pounds.   His/her activity level is . My dog's fitness goal is to .

Every dog's metabolism is different, so this formula (from the Ohio State University Vet Med Center) is a starting point. Try the recommendation, then adjust to meet weight goals.
Pregnant/lactating dogs have significantly different nutritional needs. Please discuss with your vet!

To feed 100% fresh food, use  


containers per week.

To feed 50% fresh food, use  


containers per week.

Love from dogs & their humans

Her fur is so soft and shiny after eating your food, and she doesn't even shed anymore! Strangers sometimes ask what I feed her.

Julia G.

You have ruined our dog and now she is basically spoiled, LOL. She loves it! She gets upset when we run out and only have kibble.

Nick P.

Our dog is a super-picky eater, but he's obsessed with your food. You should hear the sound he makes when I take it out of the fridge.

Danica B.

Get yourself a discount, and them some tasty fresh food.

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